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Retirement Bucket List Item – Checked

retired by the poolFor years, I worked directly across the street from my gym. This gym has a beautiful outdoor pool (actually 3 pools). I couln’t quite see the pool from my office window, but the window in our project team room on the top floor looked directly down into the pool area. Quite often a group of us would be discussing something, but also standing at the window, looking down at the carefree people at the pool.

About this time, I would say something like, “ya know, when I retire, I’m going to sit by that pool every day, text you guys and wave!” I’m sure my team got tired of hearing that, but they were nice and smiled. Good people.

So now that I’ve retired, did I ever do that? Have I sat by the pool and texted my former co-workers? No. That would make me an asshole. In reality, that’s a terrible thing to do. But I did, just now, go sit out by the pool – I took some pictures and smiled up at my old workplace. I figured it was time to do that since I just cancelled my membership to that gym. Sure, it’s a huge, beautiful facility, but $80 a month is just way too much to pay for a gym membership.

So I’m out. But it was a fun moment! Check that off the list.




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